TECH TIPS: Common Connection Issues

TECH TIPS: Common Connection Issues
Posted on 11/13/2020
	 TECH TIPS: Common Connection Issues


Common Home Internet Connectivity Issues

Guidelines to improve your home Internet connection

1. CALL SPECTRUM, AT&T, or whichever ISP you are using. Make sure your equipment is upgraded, and make sure they investigate what could be causing a slow connection through their service. Nobody will know what is causing slow internet speed for Spectrum's internet better than Spectrum themselves. If you are paying for a service but are not receiving the service you are paying for, it is your Internet Service Provider’s job to find a solution for this.

2. Smart TVs and Streaming Devices. If you have Smart TVs and Streaming Devices throughout the house, unplug them when using your Chromebook. Smart TVs and streaming devices such as Firesticks, Rokus, AppleTVs, and Chromecasts run a service called "Bonjour" that is always running even if the TV is turned off. "Bonjour" is a quick network configuration service that is very resource heavy, cannot be turned off, and hogs a lot of bandwidth. The more you have connected to your network at once, the more your Bandwidth/Network connection will be bogged down.

3. Fully utilize your dual band  Wireless Router. I know Spectrum provides dual band routers for their customers, and most aftermarket Wireless Routers (Netgear, Linksys, D-Link, etc.) are dual band these days. A dual band router broadcasts two wireless networks. A 2.4G and a 5G network. Most people like to instantly connect everything to the 5G network thinking it is better just because it has a higher number. This is False. You want to connect Computers and Cell phones to the 2.4G network, and connect any smart TVs or media streaming devices to the 5G network. The 2.4G network is aimed towards devices that are constantly moving from one point to another as it has a much wider range. The 5G network is more for stationary devices that do not move very much since it has a smaller signal range. This also causes less frequency (over the air) interference between all of your devices and appliances throughout the house. A newer, higher end aftermarket Wireless Router could be the solution for connectivity problems as well.

4. Keeping too many tabs open on your Chromebook will cause connectivity issues. You can also find some general maintenance steps for your Chromebook at my website here ...These things will help your Chromebook perform to the best of its ability.

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