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Individual Title
Marcie Ebright
[email protected]
Director, College & Career Academies of Akron
Beth Winter
[email protected]
Coordinator of Partner Engagement, College & Career Academies of Akron
Cassandra Hanna
[email protected]
Academy Coach, Firestone CLC
CTE Pathway Teacher Pathway/Description Academy
TBD Digital Science
Advanced Technology & Engineering
From hardware to software, from networking
to troubleshooting, those with a digital science
background are needed in every sector of
our computerized world. Studies include web
development, programming, design, networking
and cybersecurity to prepare students for
numerous careers including web developer,
network administrator, computer systems analyst
or information technology manager.
Dexter Dave Mechatronics
[email protected]
Combining fields such as mechanical engineering,
electronics, telecommunications and computers
result in this fascinating, applied engineering field.
Areas of study include electronics, control systems,
manufacturing, computer science and robotics.
Career opportunities include robot installation and
maintenance, automation equipment design and
installation, and manufacturing engineer.
Andrew Wallen PLTW Aerospace
[email protected]
Project Lead The Way is about applying science,
technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills to
solve complex, open-ended problems in a real-world
context. Students with an aeronautical focus will
study the evolution of flight, navigation and control,
propulsion, space travel and orbital mechanics.
Potential careers include aircraft designer, data
processor, inspector/compliance officer, mechanical
engineer, electrical engineer or payload specialist.
Carmela Cooper Entrepreneurship
[email protected]
Are you interested in learning how to market and
manage your own business? Do you like developing
new ideas and adapting to changing markets?
Students in this pathway will generate ideas for new
products and services, evaluate the feasibility of
ideas, develop a strategy to implement the ideas,
and create a business plan. Students will also
develop transferable skills to be successful in a
global economy.
Samantha Wade PLTW Architecture
[email protected]
Project Lead The Way is about applying science,
technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills to
solve complex, open-ended problems in a real-world
context. Students with an architecture focus will be
trained to design and construct models of residential
or commercial structures and landscape design
using 3D architecture design software. Career options
include architect, building surveyor, landscape
architect, structural engineer, or production designer.
Therese Chadbourne Product & Fashion Design
[email protected]
This pathway is perfect for students interested in
setting trends by using skills in art, design, marketing
and merchandising. Students following this pathway
will learn history, consumer trends, design and sales
principles to prepare them for a variety of careers in
the business, retail or fashion industries.
Chris Gleason Visual Art & Design
[email protected]
Art meets function in this creative pathway where
students develop their artistic skills and learn how
to build a professional looking career or college
level design portfolio through projects, problem-
based learning, and real world experiences. Some
=studies covered in this pathway include drawing,
illustration,computer graphics, animation, 3D
modeling, graphic design, photography, ad layout
and product and package design.
Elyza Morckel Dance
Performing Arts
[email protected]
The art of dance uses movement to communicate
meaning about the human experience. While it
can be used for exercise or entertainment, dance
is also a powerful medium to express one’s values,
thoughts, and aspirations about our lives and
our world. This pathway focuses on movement,
choreography, and careers in the movement arts.
Mark Zimmerman Theatre
[email protected]
Be part of the magic on and offstage in this
performing arts pathway with a focus on
acting performance including script analysis,
stagecraft, acting styles and stage design.
Potential careers include actor, stage manager,
and theatre manager.
Megan Meyer Vocal
[email protected]
Is singing in a solo or choir area your passion? Do
you enjoy advanced level choir music? Consider
a pathway in vocal performing arts. This pathway
focuses on vocal performance in a solo and choral
setting, music theory and music history knowledge,
composition skills, and musical theater. Potential
careers include recording artist, solo performer/
entertainer, arts business/management, music
teacher, music therapist, sound recording engineer
and many more.
Matthew Kennedy (Band) Instrumental
[email protected]
Do you love playing a musical instrument?
Students in this pathway will take courses that
broaden their understanding of music by focusing
on the musical ensemble and composition.
Students will explore possible careers that include
music education, recording and technology,
music therapy, church performance, private music
contracting, and composition
Sloan Stakleff (Orchestra)
[email protected]
Reem Halasa (Arts, Business, and Communication)
A growing number of professionals make a living in industries related to arts and communications. From event management to tracking expenses, students learn the business side of visual, media and performing arts. Topics include marketing, branind, producing, promoting, booking, budgeting, and merchandising, etc. Students learn and apply intellectual property rights, licensing, copyright, royalities, liabilities and contractual agreements. They learn how both profit and non-profit organizations businesses operate.
[email protected]
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