Principal's Message

Dear Falcon Families, 

Akron Public Schools is embarking on a unique and innovative initiative. We are excited to provide an end-of-semester Intersession for all 6th-12th grade students from January 19th - 22nd -  to enrich learning opportunities and provide individualized interventions.  Intersession is an academic window of time between semesters in which students engage in either a self-directed (asynchronous) enrichment project or a teacher-directed (synchronous) lesson and assessment.  Each Intersession assignment is customized to deepen and extend student learning opportunities. 

An Intersession ensures students stay on track toward grade-level advancement, earn credit, and enhance the 3 Es: Employment, Enlistment, or Enrollment studies. Additionally, it is important to ensure preparedness for the Ohio State Tests (OSTs). 

 Intersession includes intervention or enrichment:  

Enrichment Activities will be Asynchronous: Students will be assigned an independent self-directed project of study.  Students qualify by having projected grades of A, B, or C in any of their Semester One courses.  These students will not report to regularly scheduled classes during the Intersession window.  These students will select their Intersession tasks from a choice board that will be emailed to students, posted on each academy’s website, and shared on all of our social media accounts.  Students who successfully complete the asynchronous project during intersession will qualify for two days of early release right before spring break.  

Intervention Activities will be Synchronous:  Students who are at risk of failing or not earning credit for the semester will continue in their regularly scheduled courses in which they have projected grades of D or F.  Their teacher(s) will assign lessons and assessments to take place during Intersession to ensure content attainment.  All work will be evaluated with the goal of improving your grade and/or earning credit. Attendance will be taken.  Note: If a student’s grade improves before the Intersession window, the teacher will notify the student of their release from any synchronous work and the student may be reassigned to an asynchronous independent project if he or she qualifies.     

The Intersession window of dates is January 19-22.  All students will resume normal schedules on January 25.

Your partner in learning, 

Larry W. Johnson Jr. 

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